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Tapping/Emotional Freedom Techique

Elevate into your next level by releasing blocks and old programming, and raising your vibration  heart




What is the Emotional Freedom Technique? 

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly referred to as Tapping, is a powerful way to rewire neural pathways, change subconscious programming, and instantly raise your vibration. This is done by tapping on different acupressure points on your body. It's a quick and effective way to raise your vibration, release traumatic memories and programs, and send a relaxing response to the body. 


Results You can Create
  • Clearing subconscious beliefs that prevent you from creating the results you desire 
  • Attracting Prosperity & Abundance with Ease 
  • Clarity on what you want to manifest (eliminate "manifestation mishaps")
  • Creating space to receive the things you desire 
  • Attracting soulmate clients with greater ease
  • Healing from past traumas
  • Greater sense of clarity, purpose, focus
  • Releasing Struggles ~ Greater feelings of ease and flow


Tired of hiding and playing small?

Frustrated you aren't attracting the abundance and prosperity you desire into your experience

Feeling Stuck and not sure what to do in order to move forward?


EFT has been a game changer for me and the thousands of women I've been able to share this experience with.  When you work with the wisdom of your body and energy centres, change happens quickly. So get ready to elevate into your next level. 



Success Stories



" I recently completed Kara's EFT package and the results were fantastic.

I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level but was feeling some blocks in manifesting the next step. Even though I do EFT with my own clients, I wanted another professional to guide me. Kara was so easy to work with and she got right to the heart of the blocks allowing me to easily break through to a higher level.

I made progress so much faster working with Kara than doing the EFT alone. Sessions with her are a gift I give myself. If you haven't tried EFT, I highly recommend it, and if you are already using EFT, let Kara take you to the next level. She is an expert with great insight and intuition."

~ Lori Ann Davis 



"I have had the absolute honor and pleasure of working with Kara in her EFT Tapping program.

She entered my life just when I needed it the most and she has been A-MAZ-ING!!She is one of the most caring and compassionate person's I know. She really listens to your concerns and takes the time to dig deep to see just what blocks you need to release.

She makes sure you understand everything, you feel comfortable, and shifts were made. I highly recommend Kara's EFT Tapping Program, it is life altering and completely worth every dime spent! ❤ Thank you Kara for working with me on my transformational journey."


~ Donna Smith Brown 


Don't we all want to work with someone who intuitively gets us?  Who becomes our biggest supporter?

At heart we all want validation and Kara is great at doing just that in a not feeding your ego kind of way, but truly, genuinely being interested in what you do.

I have worked with her in one of her  1:1 EFT packages and now am currently in her Spiritual Goddesses Mastermind group.

Her energy is infectious.  Since working with her I have blown through many blocks, gained clarity for my whole life, and I am tapping into the concept of abundance while leaving my scarcity mindset in the dust.

For example,  I am redoing my son's room.  I bought him curtains, we already had the rods and hooks.  But not all the hooks.  We were down two.  I ended up finding one in the basement but still down one.  At first I was disappointed, then I started to shop local to find one and then ended up looking online.  A few days later my mom phones telling me that she found the hook--bronze and she just bought it.  She brought it over and it was the exact same one that I needed. Then she told me that she found it at a thrift store and the lady buying them only needed 4 and not 5 and Mom bought the other one.

 Boom!  Abundance.  And I recognize it as such thanks to the work I have done with Kara!!

She is amazing, awesome and you don't need me to tell you that; just talk to her yourself and you will see.

~ Jennifer MacDonald



"I really felt a positive energy shift after my EFT session with Kara- she puts you right at ease with her warm friendly smile and manner. We were able to clear and talk about so many blocks I had in our session. She guides you through everything and it's a powerful and transcendent experience.

After the session, I was positive and hopeful and also felt as if a concrete block had been removed from my stomach. Within a week of our session I manifested a higher credit score as well as money that I had not even thought about!

I am so grateful to Kara because of this experience, now I feel that more is possible for me and abundance is coming to me. She has opened me up to receiving through the EFT work- I am a believer! Thank you so much Kara- I am so grateful to you! "

~ Stephanie LaBonte



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