Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Co-Create magic with the Universe  

Spiritual Goddess Sisterhood (Membership Site)

It's time to embrace the powerful Goddess within and co-create magic with the universe 

The Spiritual Goddess Sisterhood is the place to receive Divine guidance, Awaken your Intuitive Abilities, Release Old Programs & Patterns that are energetically holding you back, Share your Light with the world in a big way, and learn to co-create with your angels and guides heart


As a Lightworker, you came forward into this physical body to share a message. To share your journey and story. To share your healing gifts with the world. But fear and energetic blocks can hold you back. It can keep you from accessing your inner guidance, and the powerful Goddess within. 


In this Sisterhood you will be guided to step into the best and highest version of yourself. You will receive love, support from fellow Goddesses, and divine guidance on your journey of awakening. 





I was a highly sensitive child with strong clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairempathy abilities. 

The catch is, I had no idea what this all meant until later in life! 

I just knew I felt things very deeply, and seemed more sensitive than those around me. I felt different, isolated, and like I didn't belong. 

It wasn't until my mid-20s that I discovered the term "empath" and started exploring ways to develop healthy energetic boundaries, and use my intuitive gifts to my benefit. 


Venturing into  energetic healings, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping),  Akashic Records, and Astrology further awakened my abilities and gave me a desire to help other women awaken to their intuitive gifts and Goddess power. 

So without further ado, I introduce the Spiritual Goddess Sisterhood angel 



Experience the Goddess Sisterhood 


This sisterhood will keep you in a high vibe state, surrounded by love, support, and divine guidance on your journey of awakening to your intuitive powers andGoddess energy! 

It will guide you in releasing any blocks and old programing that are holding you back from stepping into the highest and best version of you and manifesting magic in your life! 




Monthly Live Call via Zoom (also recorded if you can't be there live). Within these calls you will be guided to:

  • Release old programming and blocks through powerful EFT Clearings
  • Learn about the different Goddesses and how you can tap into this energy in your daily life.
  • Astrological guidance so you can co-create with the cosmos. 

Private FB community where you will receive:

  • Weekly Divinely Guided Planning sessions done via FB live ~ these sessions will guide you in opening your Akashic Records and receiving messages from your angels and guides. I will also channel a message from the Records that will offer guidance to you for the week ahead. 
  • Oracle Card reading that will assist you in working with the cosmic energies of the week 
  • Tapping to guide you in staying high vibe and clearing your energetic field. 

**This is a Monthly Membership Site** ~ Your payment gives you access to the monthly calls where we do powerful EFT clearings, and explore the Goddess energy & Astrology,  AND access to the PRIVATE FB Community where the Divenly Guided Planning Sessions take place. 




**What You Will Receive**


EFT Clearings 


  • Release blocks that are holding you back from manifesting the results you want
  • Move from Scarcity ----> Abundance
  • Release fears of visibility and show up confidently
  • Let go of doubts and embrace the worthy Goddess you are
  • Raise your vibration so you become a match to the experiences you desire


 Guidance From the Akashic Records


  • Learn how to access your records to receive intuitive guidance from your cosmic team 
  • Co-create magic with the universe by connecting with your higher self, angels, ascended masters and guides 
  • Uncover your soul blueprint and life purpose 


Exploring the Goddesses 
  • Learning about the different Goddesses and how you can connect and work with their energies 
  • Accessing the wisdom of the Goddesses and connecting with the power of the Divine Feminine.
  • Connect with lunar energy 
  • Learn how major planetary transits are personally affecting your natal chart 
  • Learn how to manifest by connecting with cosmic energy 


Goddess Calls


  • There will be weekly FB Lives in the Private community AND a monthly call done via Zoom 
  • In these calls you will explore the different Goddesses, tap into your Goddess energy, and release blocks and limitations through powerful EFT clearings 
  • Q & A is part of each session to ensure you're receiving the support and guidance you need to awaken your intuition, co-create magic with the universe, and embrace the powerful Goddess within




Say yes to the Goddess within and join us in the Spiritual Goddess Sisterhood 


Sacred Exchange: $77/Month

(You can cancel at anytime) 



Yearly Special: $397