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"I really felt a positive energy shift after my EFT session with Kara- she puts you right at ease with her warm friendly smile and manner. We were able to clear and talk about so many blocks I had in our session. She guides you through everything and it's a powerful and transcendent experience.

After the session, I was positive and hopeful and also felt as if a concrete block had been removed from my stomach. Within a week of our session I manifested a higher credit score as well as money that I had not even thought about!

I am so grateful to Kara because of this experience, now I feel that more is possible for me and abundance is coming to me. She has opened me up to receiving through the EFT work- I am a believer! Thank you so much Kara- I am so grateful to you! "

~ Stephanie LaBonte



Don't we all want to work with someone who intuitively gets us?  Who becomes our biggest supporter?

At heart we all want validation and Kara is great at doing just that in a not feeding your ego kind of way, but truly, genuinely being interested in what you do.

I have worked with her in one of her  1:1 EFT packages and now am currently in her Spiritual Goddesses Mastermind group.

Her energy is infectious.  Since working with her I have blown through many blocks, gained clarity for my whole life, and I am tapping into the concept of abundance while leaving my scarcity mindset in the dust.

~ Jennifer MacDonald


" I recently completed Kara's EFT package and the results were fantastic.

I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level but was feeling some blocks in manifesting the next step. Even though I do EFT with my own clients, I wanted another professional to guide me. Kara was so easy to work with and she got right to the heart of the blocks allowing me to easily break through to a higher level.

I made progress so much faster working with Kara than doing the EFT alone. Sessions with her are a gift I give myself. If you haven't tried EFT, I highly recommend it, and if you are already using EFT, let Kara take you to the next level. She is an expert with great insight and intuition."

~ Lori Ann Davis 


Kara's Spiritual Goddesses Mastermind Program is very unique and like nothing I have ever experienced from any other business type course.This course combines weekly astrology forecast, releasing blocks, fears, visibility, etc. through EFT Tapping, client attraction techniques, and amazing business strategies.

I loved how all these techniques combined helped us to come into our entrepreneur selves. This course helps you ask the tough questions with amazing techniques to help you release what appears from asking these tough questions. The astrological piece really helped guide us to know when the best time to launch, communicate, create, go within for deeper answers, or work on our programs. I have grown, learned, released, and have tools to receive clarity around my business.

The support that Kara provides has been phenomenal as well as the team support received from the group. I feel we have made life long friendships and support for each other. Thank you Kara for all you do, all your support, and your guidance through this course! You R-O-C-K!!!

~ Donna Smith Brown





"I made a big shift in my business this year and immediately started to struggle. I questioned myself and my ability to be an entrepreneur, and even thought of quitting. Fortunately, I have followed Kara for a couple of years on Facebook, and realized that what I really needed was a business coach. So rather than quit, I invested in myself and my business and hired Kara.

Within TWO weeks of working with her, I had a mission and vision for my business, had defined my niche, had developed a social media plan and had engaged 5 paying clients for my new Health Coaching programs.

I now wake up every day excited to see where my business will take me and how many people I can help! The best part of each week is my “Koaching” session with Kara! I know that I will get the guidance and expert advice that I need to keep moving forward with my business. Without a doubt, Koaching with Kara was the best business decision I have made on this journey!"

Deb Ames 


" I highly recommend The Spiritual Goddesses Mastermind Group. Being a part of the Spiritual Goddesses has helped anchor in grounding and clarity on my path. Kara shares her amazing gifts of EFT, identifying core beliefs,  and releasing issues as they come up. Her weekly astrology readings and insights are so very valuable and supportive in navigating the ebbs and flows of one's unique journey. A powerful experience finding a tribe of beautiful and courageous Goddesses bringing our gifts and services to the world." 

~ Rebekah Kassidy 




"For a while now, I was looking for a coach who is genuine, honest, comes from a place of service, and  who could help me with my business and FB leads.  I was looking for someone who could genuinely understand me and my struggles. 

Kara is all of that. Knowledgeable, reliable, available, understanding  and extremely helpful.

I have learned so many tips, and am gaining the confidence I need to grow my business online. I got the courage to do a FB live video, clarity on how to bring my coaching program online.... And all that thanks to Kara. Now my business is speaking up. Thank you Kara you are amazing."

Kohava Howard 


"I met Kara in on Facebook and was immediately drawn to her posts which were full of uplifting, value-packed information that seemed to be speaking to every aspect of my life. Since our meeting, I have hired Kara on numerous occasions to help coach me through many areas of my life involving personal, business, and spiritual matters.

I have been nothing short of impressed with her level of professionalism and the value that she has added to my life. I have always felt called to serve others but have struggled my entire life to find both my value and my purpose. I have bounced from moment to moment in my life with no real direction, often getting frustrated and down on myself for not being more focused and able to find out what i should be doing.

Through her coaching, I was able to really find myself. The mindset work that I started through Kara’s guidance, has enabled me to start a business that I truly love and one that allows me to serve my life’s purpose which is helping other moms to be at their very best for themselves. It is following Kara’s guidance that keeps my Mom’s Online Mastermind group growing. In 2016 I was able to reach moms in over 6 countries, and I received my first paying clients! I look forward to continuing my relationship with Kara as my business blossoms!"

Jessica Dugas



" Kara offered a New Year, Fresh Start goal setting session to set goals for your business. I immediately signed up as I was a New Coach trying leave my sales job of ten years and pursue coaching full time. Kara helped me set goals and gave me so many ideas on how to pursue my dream of being a coach so much so, that I signed up with her weekly mastermind groups. Since then I have blossomed and grew into the Mindfulness Coach that I am today. 


Thank you Kara for all that you do and offer. You are a wonderful coach to work with and I recommend your services highly. "


Shannon Marie Hipson


"I have been a business owner for almost a year when I came across Kara through a fan page party on her business page. After an exchange of few comments we started building our business relationship and I never looked back.

She is very down to earth, professional and knowledgeable entrepreneur. Her feedback has been priceless regardless if it was business or life issues. Her comments, engagement and support in respect of my social media always make my day.

She introduced me to EFT and helped me to embed it in my daily mindset routine. Most of all she explained certain aspects of business in the simplest way possible. She introduced me to some valuable and like minded people. Being part of her Mastermind group has been unforgettable experience. I wish she lived closer so I could say thank you in person for everything she has done for me."

Katarzyna Stomska



Kara has helped me hugely.

Kara is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Kara has helped me understand and apply concepts around attraction marketing and using Facebook as a business platform and how to gain the most out of this, including understanding the algorithms and functionality of the platform.

Kara is very knowledgeable about running an online or MLM type of business and we have worked through several key areas including visibility and clarity in creating video or Facebook live; the importance of defining your target market and niche, and the importance of researching this area for successful marketing.

We have gone into marketing funnels and other marketing ideas; how to grow your team and build a strong network and following as well as a strong brand.

Amy Lyon


"Kara's a genuine, warm soul and her passion shines through in her presence. Her supportive coaching services helped me reconnect to my own intuition which reignited the fire within. The benefits rippled throughout all areas and aspects of my life, and for that, I am forever grateful."  

Jess Neary 



"After connecting with Kara and her introducing me to the amazing power of EFT I can strongly say that it has helped me so much both on a spiritual level and physical. 

My first session felt very strange, I literally got goosebumps all over my body , my eyes filled up and I wanted to cry and then suddenly switched to joy and happiness and lots of confidence. The next day the results were still amazing! I cleared up my whole home (clearing my space) and my confidence build in my business. I started making cold calls and approaching people more comfortably and confidently. I would highly recommend EFT for personal clearing of any doubt and or worries concerns that are holding you back from taking steps towards a successful business.

Kara is an amazing mentor and im very grateful that our paths have crossed, she has helped me develop and become more confident through her amazing coaching! Thank you Kara

Kate Kleyn 



"I have truly enjoyed working with Kara and she has had such a positive impact on  my life. I met her at a stress management class she taught and loved that she offered many ways to work with her – from private sessions to mastermind groups! My one- on-one coaching sessions with her were so helpful – she’s a great listener, gives great feedback, is so open and empathetic, and always had awesome resources to share, which has really helped me in managing my anxiety.
She was also always available outside of sessions and would send me resources she mentioned during our time together. Kara is a wealth of knowledge with an additional focus on holistic mental health (mindfulness, meditation, and grounding exercises), which is a truly wonderful combination. Thank you, Kara!"

Brianna Corneya


"Kara has been such an inspirational and positive person in my life. Her videos are so full of knowledge and excellent information. I have learned so much from them. Kara has the tools to help people with whatever challenge they are facing. Whether it be anxiety, depression, failure to thrive, etc. She is a women of integrity and is authentic. I am so blessed to know her." 

Lucy Garcia McCracken 


"Kara is very knowledgeable in the area of psychology. She helped me to recognize any distorted thinking patterns that I may have and how I can use an alternative thinking pattern.


Kara is very patient and I gladly recommend her service."

Andy Colwell

"Kara and I first met while working together at Gentle Path Counselling Services in 2012. Kara is an intelligent, kind, and down-to-earth individual who possess the necessary skills to help others in their pursuit of personal goals. She is an excellent listener, non-judgmental, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide her work. She works wonderfully with adolescents in areas of self-esteem. Her holistic approach is one that resonates deeply and has the power to transform. I recommend her as a therapist and coach."

Carla Daniels 

"Kara is a kind soul dedicated to helping others. Her wealth of knowledge and compassion are what inspire me to be the best version of myself. She has been a positive influence in my life and I would gladly recommend her services"

Sara Nielsen

"A few weeks ago, I attended the 5 Steps to Balanced Living workshop that Kara hosted. Going into the workshop, I wasn't quite sure what to expect as an outcome. I was very pleased with the techniques and knowledge that were brought forth during the time we had together. I'm glad to say I implement some of these techniques on a daily basis and am working to progressively incorporate more in order to live a balanced life. Thank you Kara! "

Rhonda Melanson 


"I first met Kara at a women’s support group put on by Gentle Path Counselling. Kara is very down to earth and yet very knowledgeable. When my daughter’s ADD began to cause anxiety for her I knew Kara would be a perfect fit to help her. Kara taught my daughter how to cope with her anxiety, and learn to focus and stay calm in stressful situations.

I am grateful for everything Kara has done to help my daughter and I learn to deal with everyday situations and some more stressful ones."

Mary Lawton


  "As a person who has come out of the depths of severe panic attacks and anxiety that caused me to be bedridden for months about two years ago (caused by medication reaction, long story) to being able to work again, love again, have hope for the future again… I can honestly say I wish I had taken this course sooner. 

     I have found great methods of de-stressing and lessening anxiety from Kara’s Stress Detox program that I had not learned before, as well as, perspectives and insight into what causes stress and how to change it.  It is with her program that I have found new ways to re-center myself and deal with high-anxiety situations and stressful relationships (aka ‘energy vampires), and found out that what I was doing was in alignment with my goals (and that my goals are valid).  I love how she seems to empathize with everyone and understands that you should go for your dreams, no matter what people think, because that is what will bring you true happiness.  Such as saying ‘no’ to jobs that you know would bring you backward or would cause you more stress than good.  She confirmed that pushing for what you want and excepting nothing less is in alignment with your goals, your purpose in life, and that is a good thing.  That really hit home for me in my search for another communications position that would be for a company that I could believe in and that would allow telecommuting, as that is my goal, my hope, my dream.

     Another reason I greatly enjoyed this program was hearing  others have found helped them in stressful situations and being able to tell others about what I have learned over the last two years, as well.  The way she had us look at our ‘wins’ for the week and reflect on the positives was wonderful, because we as people, often overlook this.  Looking at the good in life can keep you happy and less stressed.  Sharing it with others can make it even more so.  Lastly, I just want to say that this was 100% worth the money, and as she told me in the beginning it is always worth it to ‘invest in yourself.’  I hope you take this course and find it just as useful as I did.  No one should go through stress and/or anxiety alone and without ‘tools’ (meditations etc).  Thank you for giving me hope, confidence, and tools to succeed, Kara.  I am so glad I came across your site."

-Michelle D., St. Paul, MN, USA

"Ever since I have known Kara she has been an inspiration and an embodiment of kindness and generosity. It is lovely to converse with her, to get her expert opinion and knowledge and walk away with help I may not get anywhere else. She is a true, humble friend who exudes the best quality I am in love with: Being grounded, being true, and down to earth. I can connect and I LOVE to connect with her because she is a genuine lady who I can address as "a lady with beauty and brains." I am blessed to have met her and consider myself fortunate to be friends with her." 

Monika Kapoor


"Kara is so great. I recently took the Stress Detox online course and Kara asked questions and discussed topics that were thought provoking, and truly made me step back and re-examine myself and how I deal with stress. She is professional, brilliant, and made me feel completely comfortable in a group setting. I can't wait to continue working with Kara in the future. She is truly gifted, I learned so much."

Dayna Hackett


"Kara is a very warm and empathetic person. She is a great listener and is committed to providing her clients with solutions that can improve their lives."

Jennifer-Fudge Marsh 

"Kara is a sweet soul who helps women entrepreneurs achieve balance by providing actionable tools on how to deal with stress and anxiety. Her positive attitude and kindness made me feel relaxed despite all my life's challenges. She is truly a blessing in my life" 

Hazel Fernandez 


"Kara creates a safe space where it’s okay to be yourself, and to express your thoughts -- especially the thoughts that are stigmatized by shame, the ones we’d usually rather hide. She is a mirror, reflecting back your projections, reflecting back what you’ve said so that you can see it and hear it with new eyes and ears. She is a true coach, seeing the best in you, and gently helping you to see it too.

Working with Kara has helped me to at least begin to internalize some new messages -- messages of courage and compassion, messages about how my unique voice matters and that what I have to give is worthwhile.

It’s a beautiful gift to provide another with intentional attention in a therapeutic setting. Except maybe for M. Scott Peck, M.D., we don’t usually talk about a therapeutic relationship as being a love or loving relationship -- and yet, that’s exactly what it is when it is done well and done correctly. The only healing that is possible is from and through and within love. Kara models and facilitates a healthy, loving, respectful, and extremely professional way of relating. I’m very grateful to have her example, and to have had her help on my journey. Thanks in part to my work with Kara, I feel healthier, stronger, more grounded, and more whole."

Peggy McEachreon

"Kara is a wealth of knowledge and experience, mixed with a loving and open heart. She has the tools to help you transform your life and face those challenges we all face. I know this because I have had the opportunity to work with Kara on a few projects currently and am excited to build a long-term relationship with her. I look for one main ingredient with anyone I work with, integrity. This is a quality that Kara embodies."

Nick Pereira




 "Thank you so much for my astrological reading. It truly is an accurate account of me, especially pinning down my traits. Can't stop reading the report..."

Carolyn Lelliott-Bizier








"I have been in many group sessions, also have taken a couple self-help courses with Kara being the facilitator.  I find Kara is very passionate, motivated, and knowledgeable in all aspects of her work.  I find her to be very inspiring and encouraging.  Her empathy, and her focus, allows her to be a good listener, giving her the insight to understand where I am coming from, thus teaching me to solve problems rather than to dwell on them, also Kara has some very good coping skills for my anxiety.  I have learned some very valuable lessons during Kara’s sessions and have had many “light bulb moments” the biggest lesson being to stop blaming the World, take responsibility for my life, and take back my power.  Kara puts a very positive spin on life.  I am still learning and growing as I realize “life is a journey not a destination”. I am hoping Kara will play a part in my continued journey.




Thank You Kara for touching my life in such a special and positive way." 








June M Fennell

"I deal with anxiety, stress, and at times depression. My sessions with Kara have really helped me to learn how to better handle my emotions when panic or stress comes on me. I was extremely nervous for my first session because I didn't know what to expect, but Kara made me feel completely comfortable. She is very nice and easy to talk too and I appreciate her so much! With her help I am learning how to work through my situation instead of pushing it to the side."

Emma Ethridge 

"Seeing Kara was a wonderful thing for me. She helped me on my journey of reaching my full potential while living with BPD and anxiety, which wasn't an easy task for me to accomplish on my own. Kara is an amazing person who truly listens. She gave me a lot of validation, encouragement, and resources. She helped me through a rough time and aided me in keeping it together so I could continue working. Speaking to Kara for only a few sessions made a huge impact on my mental well-being for the better. After seeing her I felt amazing emotionally. I would recommend her to anyone living with a mental illness, or just needing someone to talk to as her positive energy, bright and friendly smile, and welcoming demeanor in a judgement free environment really is a game changer." 

Lisa Muise 








"I have listened to Kara's radio presentations on "The 5 Steps To Balanced Living" and spoken and exchanged many emails with her regarding her counselling practice. Kara has forged a self-help approach that can be easily learned by most people in search of personal growth. She has succeeded in demystifying the often complicated psycho-therapeutic process that is so hard for many people to understand. In very simple terms, Kara cares deeply for her clients and it shows in her presentations and how she relates to people seeking her professional help."

 Dr. James Mickey McNeil









“Kara is a talented, knowledgeable and a versatile counselor/coach who truly shines from the inside out.  Kara is a natural in her field and provides a lot of value for her clients by being authentic and passionate for helping others find their inner strength and voice.  I work with Kara on luxury programs for women and families who need success strategies in wholeness and balance to thrive.  Finding a coach that has excellent people skills, and is flexible to work with people on all levels was a challenge for me, but Kara filled the void with such ease, grace, eloquence and style.  Though we live in different parts of the world, Kara has made it very convenient for us to work together by making herself accessible virtually as well as in person.  I highly recommend her to anyone locally or internationally.  She is the real deal.”

Tiana Nicole