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Co-Create magic with the Universe  

Kara Melendy

Hi there Goddess, thank you for taking the time to explore my site! I'd love to share more of my journey with you heart

My Mission 
To help healers, lightworkers, and spiritual seekers to stop hiding, stop playing small, and awaken their inner Goddess .  You have important gifts to share with the world, and it's time you release the fears and limitations that hold you back. As you learn how to co-create magic with the universe, you can begin manifesting the experiences you desire  heart
The more lightworkers that share their services, talents, and gifts with the world, the more we raise the vibration of the planet! 
Who is a Spiritual Goddess?
A woman choosing to connect with the sacred energy of the Divine Feminine. Who is learning to honour her physical body, and the wisdom it holds. On a mission to raise the vibration of the planet, spreading more love, peace, joy and light. Learning to connect with her inner guidance system to master manifestation, while co-creating magic with the universe! 

~ Guiding you to release old programming (on a deep cellular level) and rewire your brain for massive success (however you define it!) 
~ Guiding you to co-create magic with the universe ~ using my Astrology and Akashic Records knowledge 

~ Using Divine Feminine Principles to expand your capacity to create a life and business that lights you up  

~ Tapping/ EFT to keep you in a high vibe state, so you're a vibrational match to the experiences you desire 
~ Guiding Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Lightworkers to share their services with the world creating a large impact and financial abundance along the way 

What I love...

~ Yoga

~ Hiking

~ Dancing

~ Green Juice 

~ Animals

~ Ted Talks

~ Connecting with empowered, motivated individuals who are making a difference in the world!

~Helping YOU step into the highest and best version of yourself 




- Bachelor's degree in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University

- Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University
~ Training in a Variety of Energy Psychology Techniques 
~ Certified in the Akashic Records 
~ Marketing Training 

Professional Memberships


I am a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. 

verified by Psychology Today


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