Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Co-Create magic with the Universe  

Akashic Records

Want to gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey?

Gain greater clarity on life purpose?

Explore past lifetimes and future possibilities?


The Akashic Records is an energetic library containing your unique soul blueprint. It is a collection of your past life experiences, and future possibilities and potential. 

When you enter this sacred space you're tapping into the wisdom of collective consciousness. 

You can connect with your angels, guides, and ascended masters to receive healing, clarity, and guidance on next steps in your life. 



Seeking Divine Guidance? 


If you want deeper clarity, the Records is the place to visit. This is tapping into universal intelligence. Whether this is in health, relationships, career or business, the Akashic Records holds wisdom of the Divine that is here to support you on your journey. 

Every person, home, animal, and possessions, all have their own unique records. 

If you're seeking healing, clarity, and Divine Guidance, this will be of service to you heart


How Can a Reading Help Me? 
  • Awaken my intuitive powers
  • Assist in physical and emotional healing (simply being in this space brings healing) 
  • Gain deeper insight into struggles you're facing (this can be linked to a past life experience which can be explored and healed in the space of the Records) 
  • Receive clarity on decisions you are facing 
  • Tap into your power to manifest the life experiences you desire 
  • Connect with your angels and guides 
  • Connect with your soul blueprint and life purpose 

*I will also incorporate oracle cards and EFT into these sessions, if guided by my cosmic team to do so

Meet Your Akashic Guide 


 Kara Melendy is certified in the Akashic Records, and also holds a Master's in Counselling Psychology. Her life mission is to awaken women to their intuitive powers, and ability to co-create magic with the universe. 

Her journey into the records has led to Spiritual Awakenings, deep healing, and a strengthening of her connection with her angels and guides. 

I look forward to journeying with you in the Akashic Records angel 


Sacred Exchange 

$150/ 1 Hour reading (also recorded)